1. Why does The Lensic need donations? Doesn't it make enough on ticket sales to support itself?

With the high costs of delivering quality programming, nonprofit performing arts theaters like The Lensic are simply unable to fund operations through ticket sales alone. The Lensic depends on memberships and donations to fund our programs—from artistic performances to educational events that serve more than 10,000 students each year—and to maintain our state-of-the-art sound and projection systems. The Lensic uses its donations efficiently, and we’re proud of the high marks we’ve received for our operations. In 2013, for the second consecutive year, The Lensic earned the highest rating possible—Four Stars—from Charity Navigator, the country’s premier independent charity evaluator. Charity Navigator evaluates the effectiveness of nonprofits—how efficiently they use their donations, how committed they are to accountability and transparency, and how well they sustain their programs and services over time.

2. How many performances does the Lensic offer each year?

Each year, The Lensic showcases local, national, and international talent in more than 200 performances, from concerts and theater to dance, film, and literary events. Many of the events are produced and presented directly by The Lensic (through our Lensic Presents program) or by The Lensic in collaboration with other organizations. Other events are presented by community groups, which come to the theater through our Community Sponsorship program. We are also the home for groups like the Santa Fe Symphony, the Lannan Foundation, and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.

3. What's the best way to know what's going on at The Lensic?

The Lensic website, Lensic.org, and the events calendar at TicketsSantaFe.org have the most current information about upcoming events. You can also subscribe to our free Lensic eNews for periodic updates. Watch for our ads in Pasatiempo and the The Santa Fe Reporter, too.

4. I'd love an online ticketing system that lets me select my seat. Is that possible?

Yes! Thanks to the new ticketing software we launched in March 2014, you can choose your own seats when buying tickets on TicketsSantaFe.org. We’ll offer more great online features in the months ahead.

5. Why do the ticket service fees add so much to the price of my tickets? What do those fees cover, anyhow?

Tickets Santa Fe is a non-profit community box office. Service charges on tickets are used to support programming and to fund box operations, which include our ticketing computer systems, ticket stock and envelopes, and box office staff salaries. When you buy tickets in person at The Lensic, you pay a fee of only $1 per ticket. When you buy tickets by phone or online, the service fee ($1 to $6 per ticket) is calculated on a sliding scale, depending on the face value of the ticket. Lensic members pay no service fee when they buy their tickets in person at our box office.

6. The prices of tickets at Lensic events seem to vary wildly. Why is that?

The Lensic does not set ticket prices for all shows presented at the theater. Tickets are priced by the organization presenting the event—and since we’re a community resource, this means a lot of different organizations. Our own Lensic Presents programming is devoted to providing quality shows at affordable prices, to make performances available to a broad spectrum of the population of Santa Fe.

7. It's sometime difficult to get to the box office during the time you're open. Could you offer longer hours?

At this time, we are unable to change the box office hours. The Tickets Santa Fe at The Lensic box office is open regularly Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and on Saturday from noon to 4 pm. On evenings when performances are scheduled, the box office remains open until showtime.

8. Do you ever offer discounts on tickets?

Lensic members who give $100 or more annually receive discounts on select Lensic Presents events, and Lensic members at all levels of giving have the benefit of buying tickets at the box office with no service fees. If you'd like details about the benefits Lensic members receive, click here.

9. It's sometimes too cold in the theater. Can you warm it up a bit?

Last year The Lensic installed a brand new automated climate control system that theoretically keeps the theater at a comfortable temperature. Currently we are working to update our sensors, and we’ll periodically check the settings to make sure the system is working properly.

10. Do you have special services for handicapped or hearing-impaired patrons?

The box office is happy to accommodate special needs. When you’re buying tickets, please tell a member of our box office staff you’ll need special assistance, and we can make arrangements for you. We offer assisted listening systems for members of our audience who have hearing impairments.

11. The seats in the balcony have very little knee room. Can that be fixed?

The seats in the theater can't be reconfigured. But when you buy your tickets, tell a member of the box office staff that you’ll need extra legroom, and they’ll help you select seats that work for taller patrons.

12. I'd like to be a volunteer usher at The Lensic. How do I apply?

Our Ambassadors program is so popular that we don’t have any openings at this poin. If you'd like to add your name to our waiting list, please contact Community Relations Director Connie Schaekel at connies@lensic.org or 505-7050, ext. 1210. Thank you for your interest!

13. I can't imagine life in Santa Fe without The Lensic. What can I do to make sure it's always here?

Become a member (click here for details on individual membership, and here for details about business membership) at whatever level of support you can afford. You can make an annual contribution of as little as $50 to become a Friend or donate $1,000 to join our Leader group. Your support entitles you to special member benefits, but the most valuable benefit of all is helping ensure that The Lensic remains a vibrant part of the Santa Fe community for many years to come.

14. Why did you ask whether I identify as LGBT. Aren’t you maybe over-doing the “political correctness”?

Since The Lensic is a nonprofit theater, we need to secure foundation grants to support our operating costs. These grants require us to provide information about the populations we serve, including the LGBT community.

15. Why do I need to give you my contact details on the survey when you already have them?

When we conduct our annual survey to see what you think about The Lensic, we also like to take that opportunity to update your contact information. Don't worry—we won't create two of you in our database. We'll just use the information you provide to confirm or update our records.


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