The Lensic has a state of the art conventional lighting system. The house stock plot consists of 8 overhead electrics with backlight, downlight, highside light and specials.

The front of house system consists of left and right near and far box booms and a catwalk with an upper and lower pipe. The light plot is semi-permanent and most fixtures may be re-hung, re-circuited, re-focused, colored or barrels swapped as needed, with the exception of the orchestra shell system, where schedule and labor budget permit.

Lightingphoto_resized.jpgThe house plot is maintained for use by many groups who provide neither a lighting designer nor technical staff, yet desire substantial lighting. All instruments that are moved for a particular production
must be restored to the house plot, paid for by the producer.
Every show must be colored and focused since the house has
no standard focus. Dance booms and ground row must be built
and circuited for each show.

  • The house light board is an ETC EOS 4000 with a 40 slider
    LED fader wing, specifications can be found here.
  • House dimmers are all 2.4K ETC Sensor Classics. They are located in a temperature controlled room on the basement level.
  • The theater operates on a combination ETC net 2 and net 3 node system and DMX can be provided from 15 areas in the theater, including front of house, stage deck, both rails and the grid.
  • House lights are controlled using unison and can be controlled from the light booth or backstage. If needed house lights can also be patched into the lightboard.
  • There are two 400amp disconnects on stage level to provide touring companies with separate power for lighting and sound packages.

    Equipment Inventory
12 ETC Source 4, 10° 750w (8 are barrels only) (12”x12” frames)
50 ETC Source 4, 19° 750w (32 units permanent FOH Catwalk Hang) (6.25” frames)
110 ETC Source 4, 26° 750w (20 units unavailable in FOH Catwalk) (6.25” frames)
80 ETC Source 4, 36° 750w (6.25” frames)
8 ETC Source 4, 50° 750w (6.25” frames)
18 Wybron Cygnus MF 200w LED Wash with barn doors (7.5” frames)
66 Altman Par 64 MFL 1kw (10” frames)
02 Altman Par 64 WFL 1kw (permanent Balcony rail curtain warmers) (10” frames)
16 Altman GC-3, 3-cell 750w Cyc Lights (overhead) (9”x13”frames)
08 Altman GC-6, 6-cell 750w Cyc Lights (ground-row) (9”x13”frames)
02 Martin Mac 250 Krypton Moving head fixtures  
02 Lycian Super Star Spotlights 1.2 1200w HB lamp  
28 ETC Size A Pattern Holders  
28 ETC Size B Pattern Holders  
02 ETC Glass Pattern Holders  
12 ETC Drop-in IRIS  














Click here for full Technical Specifications.

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