The primary house sound system is a d&b Q-Series line array flown left and right of the proscenium. Full balcony coverage is provided by d&b delay fills. Four front fills can be set on stage as needed. The main arrays can be flown out of sight when not in use.

Four monitor mixes available in-house with EAW LA212 speakers and QSC amplification. Eight EAW Microwedges with Crown amplification are available for an additional fee. 

In-house consoles are a Midas PRO2 and a Midas Venice 240. A second Midas PRO2 is available for an additional rental fee. Outboard processing includes Ashly EQ, Yamaha SPX2000 effects processors, BSS and DBX compressors, gates and limiters. Playback is available with Tascam CDR decks.

The house snake provides 48 channels from stage to mix position. There are breakout boxes on stage left, stage right, and in the orchestra pit with 16 channels at each position. A 48x8 channel split snake is available for an additional fee and can be set on stage left (standard) or stage right.

We provide a full microphone package including Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica,
AKG, EV, and Countryman. We use Shure wireless systems with handheld, headset, and lavaliere microphones available.

Additional microphone, backline and audio rentals can be arranged as needed.

A fully independent Dolby Surround 5.1 cinema audio system covers the entire theater for film and video screenings. See the Film & Video page for more details. 

For chamber, symphonic and choral music performances we employ an independent Acoustic Control System (ACS) and Wenger Diva Acoustical Shell to enhance the acoustics of the hall. With 18 microphones and 64 speakers discretely placed throughout the theater, we can control the perceived size and resonance of the space for the audience and musicians on stage. This allows us to transparently recreate the acoustic environment of much larger and more lively concert halls when needed. ACS reverberation can be remotely adjusted from 1 second to 3.1 seconds.

Click here for full Technical Specifications.

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