Specifications for Theater

Basic Building Specifications

  • Full counterweight house with 60 line sets
  • State-of-the-art lighting and audio systems
  • Orchestra shell - Wenger Diva Acoustical Shell
  • Acoustical Control System (ACS)
  • Orchestra pit - Adjustable Gala Spiralift moves apron
  • Film and video capabilities
  • Movie screen size is 34’4” X 15’8”
  • Provision for remote broadcasts and recording
  • Convenient truck access
  • Wireless internet
  • 6 dressing rooms total (2x1 person, 2x3 person, 1x7 person, 1x20 person). All dressing rooms have showers and toilet facilities.
  • Wardrobe room with 2 washers, 2 dryers, steamers, iron/boards

House equipment includes:

Stage Dimensions

Height: 22 feet          Width: 40 feet           Depth: Expandable to 40 feet

Click here for Full Technical Specifications.

Seating Capacity

Orchestra: 504 (maximum)           Balcony: 317           Total: 821 seats

Click here for Seating Chart.

Rental Rates and Booking Information:

Contact Frank Conway, Programming Assistant, at 505.988.7050 x 1409, or [email protected]

Technical Information:

Contact Allison Goetzman, Production Manager, at 505.988.7050 ext. 1209 or [email protected]

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