The Lensic Staff

The Lensic has more than twenty individuals on staff, all of whom are highly qualified and firmly dedicated to the organization’s mission. We contract the services of local technicians as needed, and we rely on the services of a group of 140 volunteer ushers who greet patrons, show them to their seats and do their part to ensure that every attendee has a great experience at The Lensic.

Joel Aalberts
Executive Director
505-988-7050 x1204
[email protected]

Aggie Damron-Garner
Managing Director
505-988-7050 x1202
[email protected]

Laura Acquaviva
Director of Development & Capital Campaign
505-988-7050 x1203
[email protected]

Acacia Barnett
Annual Gifts Officer
505-988-7050 x1217
[email protected]

Frank Conway
Tessitura Systems Manager & Programming Assistant
505-988-7050 x1409
[email protected]

Dianna Delling
Director of Communications
505-988-7050 x1211
[email protected]

Allison Goetzman
Production Manager
505-988-7050 x1209
[email protected]

Yasmeen Lookman
Membership Manager
505-988-7050 x1408
[email protected]

Shannon Medrano
Graphic Designer
505-988-7050 x2217
[email protected]

Randy Rasmussen
Director of Operations
505-988-7050 x1250
[email protected]

Lucy Renshall-Randles
Management Assistant
505-988-7050 x1201
[email protected]

Alex Reiser
Audio Supervisor
505-988-1234 x 1214
[email protected]

Shelly Richmond
Office Manager/Bookkeeper
505-988-7050 x1216
[email protected]

Matt Sanford
Stage Manager & Internship Program Director
505.988.7050 x1406
[email protected]

Connie Schaekel
Community Relations Director
505.988.7050 x1210
[email protected]

Abel Sepulveda
Lighting Supervisor
505-988-7050 x1404
[email protected]

Greg Titus
Director of Marketing
505-988-7050, x2203
[email protected]

David Waldrop
IT Administrator
505-988-7050 x1407
[email protected]

Kelly Waller
Director of Special Events
505-988-7050 x1212
[email protected]

Nancy Gibons
505-988-7050 x1215
[email protected] 

Tickets Santa Fe at The Lensic Box Office

Patrick Barrow
Box Office Manager
505-988-7050 x1207
[email protected]


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