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Saturday, March 30 | 10 am Live | 6 pm Encore

The second opera in Wagner’s monumental Ring cycle, Die Walküre has long stood on its own as an evening of extraordinarily powerful theater. Part of this appeal lies in its focus on some of the Ring’s most interesting characters at decisive moments of their lives: Wotan, the leader of the gods; his wife, Fricka; his twin offspring, Siegmund and Sieglinde; and, above all, Wotan’s warrior daughter Brünnhilde. Approx. runtime: 5:20 [2 Intermissions]


Saturday, May 11 | 10 am Live | 6 pm Encore

One of the most successful operas of the later decades of the 20th century, Dialogues des Carmélites is a rare case of a modern work that is equally esteemed by audiences and experts. The opera focuses on a young member of an order of Carmelite nuns, the aristocratic Blanche de la Force, who must overcome a pathological timidity in order to answer her life’s calling. Approx. runtime: 3:29 [1 Intermission]


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Past Performances

AIDA (Verdi)
Saturday, October 6
| 11 am Live | 6 pm Encore

This grandest of grand operas features an epic backdrop for what is in essence an intimate love story. Set in ancient Egypt and packed with magnificent choruses, complex ensembles, and elaborate ballets, Aida never loses sight of its three protagonists. Approx. runtime: 3:56 [2 Intermissions]

SAMSON ET DALILA (Saint-Saëns)New Production
Saturday, October 20
| 11 am Live (No Encore)

Together with Faust and Carmen, Samson and Dalila remains the most popular opera in the French repertory. Some 130 years after its premiere, it still creates the same murky magic and exudes a voluptuousness that the Holy Scriptures would certainly reproach! Approx. runtime: 3:29 [2 Intermissions]


Saturday, October 27
| 11 am Live | 6 pm Encore

Puccini’s “American” opera, based on David Belasco’s play The Girl of the Golden West, had its glamorous and highly publicized world premiere at the Metropolitan Opera, with the composer in the audience. Approx. runtime: 3:42 [2 Intermissions]


MARNIE (Muhly) New Production/Met Premiere
Saturday, November 10 | 11 am Live | 6 pm Encore

A Metropolitan Opera premiere by special arrangement with Universal Pictures. It examines the cost of freedom, the limitations of forgiveness and the impossibility of escaping the past, in music that is direct and powerful. Approx. runtime: 3:17 [1 Intermission]


LA TRAVIATA (Verdi) – New Production
Saturday, December 22 | 11 am Rebroadcast | 6 pm Encore

Verdi’s La Traviata survived a notoriously unsuccessful opening night to become one of the best-loved operas in the repertoire. Following the larger-scale dramas of Rigoletto and Il Trovatore, its intimate scope and subject matter inspired the composer to create some of his most profound and heartfelt music. Approx. runtime: 3:32 [2 Intermissions]

ADRIANA LECOUVREUR (Cilea) – New Production
Saturday, January 12 | 11 am Live | 6 pm Encore

Adriana Lecouvreur occupies a unique place in the repertory: largely dismissed by experts from its premiere to the present day yet cherished by its fans for the dramatic possibilities provided by the lead roles. The opera is a deft combination of frank emotionalism and flowing lyricism, with pseudo-historical spectacle. Approx. runtime: 3:58 [2 Intermissions]

CARMEN (Bizet) – New Production
Saturday, February 2 | 11 am Live | 6 pm Encore

Bizet’s masterpiece of the gypsy seductress who lives by her own rules has had an impact far beyond the opera house. The opera’s melodic sweep is as irresistible as the title character herself, a force of nature who has become a defining female cultural figure. Carmen was a scandal at its premiere but soon after became a triumphal success and has remained one of the most frequently staged operas in the world. Approx. runtime: 3:41 [1 Intermission]

Saturday, March 2 | 11 am Live | 6 pm Encore

This frothy comedy mixes humor with a rush of buoyant melody and notorious vocal challenges. The story concerns a young orphan girl raised by an army regiment as their mascot and begins at the moment of her first stirrings of love. Complications (and comedy) ensue when her true identity is discovered. Approx. runtime: 2:55 [1 Intermission]

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